Baroque Records Collection - Chilled Structures


OMB - "Connecters"
Jorg Zimmer - "Submerge"
Robert Monroe - "Unusual Flight"
Jay FM - "Drifting"
Ridgewalkers - "Morning Light"
B.Craack - "Song Of The Faun"
Inkfish - "Life"
SATen - "Flying Of The Soyouz"
Jay Storic - "Growing Freely"
Steve Lorenz - "Eagle One"
Coalesced - "Rift"
Capri Delight - "Luganos Trip"
Eric Isenhart|Shea Delany - "How Lovely"
Aeonism - "Fly Away"
Mr. Y - "Hello Men"
Pedro aguiar - "Fulp Piction"
Nic Fuller - "A Piece Of Time"
Smartrunner - "Paradise Coast" (Chilled Structures mix)
Ilya Mosolov - "Comet Trail"
Tirrenia Vibe - "Dazed Down"


Format: Download
Label : Baroque Records
Cat. No: BARQDA077
Released: July 2012